FORMER MERCK REP TURNED ACTIVIST SPEAKS OUT HOW SHE IS BEING TARGETED……Thanks to her! Possible mind reading software told them her alarm code, real time satellite viewing inside her home obviously or from a neighboring location, Gaslighting by entering her home to show her we can get to you to murder you so be quiet equals covert Psy Ops intimidation. Sadly once her name is handed over to military non-consensual testing, or a contractor, it will be for the rest of her life. When we speak out against corruption we are labelled “Domestic Terrorist” as a strategic belief that whistleblowers can mobilized the public. Sadly, it typically gets worse before it gets better because the technology they are using to silence people is unseen or detectable to the human eye. Nine times out of ten somehow she could be labelled mentally ill, to discredit her, when they take her to the next level in “The Program.” The best thing she can do is expose this and pinpoint specifically, if she can, who. That helps a lot and curtails it a bit. As long as you can pinpoint, they back off somewhat. If they remain anonymous, it allows them to continue by confusing the target of who the real culprit is. A lot of high level officials are involved in Big Pharma’s human guinea pig agenda for profit who could careless about our children. I am a new fan of hers. Very intelligent woman!!! We have all chosen sides. Either we stand in the light or darkness and let fear dim the light. God bless her! I wish her strength, courage to continue to stand and endurance. heart emoticon


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