targeted individual Connie Marshall Terrorized, Stalked Lady 64 in Louisville, KY needs Attorney – Go Fund Me Dear Friends, Go Fund Me: For over 15 years I have been Terrorized, Stalked, Defamed and Attacked in my town, Louisville, KY. I have received 23 (twenty three) emailed Death Threats (inclusive of sexual degradation and racial degradation) from officials with content about my life and family specific to me. I receive numerous threatening telephone calls, harassing visits and on one occasion one of them tried to break into my home while I was in the bathtub. In 2012 I was stomped and left with a chest contusion, mildly enlarged heart and compressed vertebrae by these officials. I am currently trying to fight this on my own and I have two pending lawsuits one is in the United States Court of Appeals 14-6372 (for the 6th Circuit) and one in the United States District Court. 3:15-CV-224 (Western District of KY) and I filed a Motion for Discretionary Review 2015-CA-000767 filed in the KY Court of Appeals regarding the Defamation Slander and Libel committed against me by these officials. I have filed complaints with the IACHR (Inter American Commission for Human Rights) where I have two case numbers, the original Petition P-1431-13 and the Precautionary Measures case MC-329-13. I have also sent a certified packet 70132630000056904279 to my local F.B.I, and have visited their office to ask for assistance, to no avail. I have also filed my complaint with the United Nations which was sent through the USPS (United States Postal Service) receipt number E1265969695US and the United States Dept. of Justice which was sent through the USPS receipt number 7012101000022940 and I am still waiting for the return receipt. I have tried to find an attorney, however because these crimes involve officials, the money/fee requested by the attorneys just to start on the case are more than I can afford. Any donation large are small would be appreciated. Sincerely, Connie Marshall


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