racist gangstalkers sheriff along with his deputies working with kkk members other criminals alabama burning not missisippi

i be a targeted individual had a made up crime by the mobile county sheriff dept along with my family took pictures of a child trying to blame me i uncovered the plot my family and police need to be put in jail the sheriff needs to be impeached the plot was a attempt to put me on the news saying ex police officer committed a crime, because i exposed this trash so bad on youtube. i saw these programs operate in kentucky other states very covert in secret to hide these programs and crimes gangstalking me and other victims. this is straight up kkk racist fucker doing this shit right in the open sheriff sam cochran, name all over this evil program and plot .i been harassed gangstalked for years started as a mobile police officers in the 90s.i resigned to go work for the u.n. kosovo 2001, left police dept my name was slandered, saying i was a drug dealer all kinds of stuff.i went back in the u.s army 2008 the police dept had me listed as fired could not get a security clearance they destroyed me with plots. i moved back to alabama 2012, this sheriff set up 2, kkk,racist gangstalking headquarters on mccullough rd. him and his deputies running this operation like the mafia criminal thugs using white trash, drug users,criminals to come by my house harass,stalk me, call me the n word a plot to get me in trouble, set me up this shows you got evil trash in high places and offices hidding behind their kkk robes committing crimes these fuckers get grant money to gangstalk victims my youtube evidence on these losers cointelpro, infragard fools http://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1 and https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com/2015/05/14/i-be-a-targeted-individual-had-a-made-up-crime-by-the-mobile-county-sheriff-dept-along-with-my-family-took-pictures-of-a-child-trying-to-blame-me-i-uncovered-the-plot-my-family-and-police-need-to-be-p/


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