stupid nut gray truck park on side of road 2 driveways away with a white company truck both drive by part of the gangstalking plot then pull across my driveway both trucks come bye look stupid go to business make u-turn drive back by in this video this is part of that stupid ass sheriff sam cochorans posse of criminals breaking laws looking for trouble these folks crooks then his marked patrol cars show up in area 10 minutes later these mf involved all the way be hanging out at the two infragard headquarters on mccoullough rd run and operated by the mobile sheriffe dept location the mcolloughs and dockside construction company infragard business partnerships.dont you guys just get tired of these mf.. deputy i.d evidence man click bailey, is right with this bunch of crooks been right down there with them since 2012 i moved back here from ketucky started this shit right away. he is like the sheriff sam cocohrans block comander,or chief running this operation with other deputies and other criminals on mccollough rd. he took chemical samples off my car told him the sheriff was involved they moved in a hurry to help my family with this plot to shut me down on youtube and for my knowledge of these criminals never told click bailey,i knew he was a player in my crimes..


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