A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL A POLICE OFFICER SET UP FOR A CRIME SPRAYED WITH PESTICIDE CHEMICALS IN JAIL THAT KILL HIM.. Patrick Swiney is a 54-year-old former police officer who has been in prison in the State of Alabama, for 10-1/2 years.He is serving a sentence of life without the possibility of parole [in other words – Death] for a crime he did not commit.Life without parole for him is a slow, torturous death.When Patrick was wrongly convicted in 1989 for the murder of his wife and her ex-husband, he was a healthy man.While in the care of the State of Alabama, he has suffered three heart attacks.He also suffers the chronic pain of inflammatory spinal arthritis and emphysema.The first two heart attacks were a result of being sprayed with insecticide while he was enclosed in an unventilated 5 ft x 8 ft concrete lockdown cell.The third heart attack was a result of continued harassment and abuse by prison officials.The spinal arthritis is a result of being attacked by inmates in prison and the emphysema is a result of the gross unsanitary conditions inside the prison in Atmore, Alabama Even if he were guilty, no man deserves to be tortured and abused. Patrick was a police officer in high standing in the State of Alabama for 13 years.During that time, Patrick was assigned to an undercover operation involving drug cartels in southern Alabama.Patrick’s investigation led to corruption within the ranks of highly placed officials in Baldwin County.Namely, the Baldwin County District Attorney, Jim Hendrix and the Chief Investigator for the Sheriff’s office, Bobby Stewart.Patrick’s evidence of these two officials being involved in money laundering and racketeering sent these two men to federal prison.Then after two assassination attempts on his life while investigating that case, Patrick finally decided to leave the police force.The Chief of Police in Gulf Shores had apparently given him an ultimatum that went something like this: “join the corruption or turn in your badge.”He turned in his badge.



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