Death Penalty: lawyers discuss the case of British grandmother Linda Carty An innocent targeted individual’s worst nightmare in ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ state is being messed with to save her life from lethal injection. Charity organization Reprieve sent a statement in an email Tuesday to Deborah Dupré regarding its recently obtained explosive new evidence of authorities blackmailing and intimidating key witnesses into lying in testimonies about TI Linda Carty to ensure her conviction. Both the Linda Carty’s case and new evidence regarding it are exemplars of human rights violations against innocent targeted individuals. They show extraordinary means that an ugly, sophisticated underworld use to abuse the justice system to target innocent ethical people, according to new evidence, albeit under reported. Lies, Core Tool Used To Ruin TIs’ Lives Targeted grandmother Linda Carty, 56, on death row ten years after recruited to be an informant and framed for kidnap and murder, has come closer to exoneration due to charity organization Reprieve’s work. New and crucially important evidence has emerged. A witness, who claimed seeing Carty kill a woman, has now admitted that to prevent being placed on death row as authorities threatened, he lied.


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