truck and car both involved in gangstalking they are authorized by corrupted sheriff these folks go out and commit hate crimes everyday,if you a victim of gangstalking this is a HATE CRIME, because these folks hate you put you in this dam program. i dont care if its your family,police who is involved they committing a CRIME OF HATE. you be a HATE CRIME victim in this mk-ultra program.SO YOU ARE NOT JUST A VICTIM OF GANGSTALKING,MK-ULTRA, A VICTIM OF HATE CRIME AS WELL. I BEEN A MAJOR TARGET FOR EXPOSING THESE PERPS ON YOUTUBE.I HAD CRIMES PLOTS AND FRAME UP FOR CRIMES HAPPEN TO SHUT ME UP AND DOWN DONE BY THE POLICE ALONG WITH MY FAMILY MEMBERS INVOLVED IN THE PLOT, BECAUSE I HAVE EXPOSED EVERYBODY LEFT NO STONE UNTURN THEY SEE ME AS A THREAT A REAL FUTURE LEADER,SOME THE T.I. COMMUNITY IS LACKING OF REAL LEADERSHIP FALSE HOPE GET NOTHING DONE AND EXPOSE THESE CRIMES


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