Neural implants: Electrodes The neuron is the the “thinking cell”. Its capable of communicating with others by electrical and chemical synapse, on a neural network. However, it does need a vascular network to provide it with supplies, and also another type of cells, the glial cells. These are not just there as a physical support, but they also protect and feed the neurons, who are too specialized. An electrode is a device that is implanted and allows to record the electrical signals of the brain, or to deliver signals on its own. It is currently used in parkinson, epilepsy, among many other uses. However, sometimes, it activates de glial cells, who endup reacting by encapsulating it, isolating is and preventing to do its function. More than stop working, if it is in a sensitive area, this reaction may also trigger or worsen an epilepsy. Research works on coating this insulated part with something which doesn’t activate the glial cells cells.


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