news media being controlled by (cia) being cowarts and cover up the truth news on targeted individuals there is no free press control by the federal government telling the news to hide the mk-ultra program


i have tried  many times in the last 3,years to get the news media involved in my status as a targeted individual.i have send evidence to the media at all levels local and national level its ok for  people to follow you gangstalking ,stalk and come by your house harass you call you  a nigger.i got these crime in  living color lots of folks involved the police my targeting started as a police officers in 90s long dam time.the news media is a bunch of cowarts hiding behind the news desk and reporting on the scene, scared to do their dam job report the news.the news media are slaves to the federal government they got balls and chains its no free press and they not allowed to use the first amendment  freedom of speech to report on every story the  central intelligence agency (cia) controls the news media  in the…

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