news media being controlled by (cia) being cowarts and cover up the truth news on targeted individuals there is no free press control by the federal government telling the news to hide the mk-ultra program

i have tried  many times in the last 3,years to get the news media involved in my status as a targeted individual.i have send evidence to the media at all levels local and national level its ok for  people to follow you gangstalking ,stalk and come by your house harass you call you  a nigger.i got these crime in  living color lots of folks involved the police my targeting started as a police officers in 90s long dam time.the news media is a bunch of cowarts hiding behind the news desk and reporting on the scene, scared to do their dam job report the news.the news media are slaves to the federal government they got balls and chains its no free press and they not allowed to use the first amendment  freedom of speech to report on every story the  central intelligence agency (cia) controls the news media  in the usa and all around the world.the  big presidents of abc,nbc,cbs,cnn, scared they will lose their jobs as well as the local news directors and operators lose jobs be fired the worst thing could be threaten to be put in this  mk- ultra program.the department of defense ,federal government,(cia) fbi,military,police telling the media dont get involved this is a national security issue,classified operation by the government,if you get involved we gonna put you in this program just keep it quite we will give you money and  the media got folks involved in this program.we got many victims  of crimes being committed against  them everyday gangstalking,electronic harassment and many other crimes happening to victims  that become a big  government  and news media cover up .the media get a story bill clinton, chasing whores,or glorai allred, comes on tv like she god everytime some happen with a  cheating lady from tiger woods story  yall dam running  to get the story.the  only time a targeted individual get news time a crime,or a incident has been committed  then the news media work hard to cover up the real fact  saying the person was mentally ill, nothing about mind control mk-ultra government program was involved  run by(cia) start telling the dam truth you gonna report you need to tell the truth. one day you people got  a platform to tell the truth this is gonna hit home could happen to your granny,mamma,daddy,son ,daughter,best friend oh its to late then i wish i would have done some back then you are at risk also you got a better chance of getting a microchip implant  being put in this mk utra program than you have a chance of winning the lottery new victims everyday. myron may ,aaron alexis,miriam carey all mk ulra victims mind control cover up the real story and the truth not being told what was done to these people secret society cover up many groups involved all working for the devil its a evil program.i have been set up for crimes and plots by the police my own family lost my family to this evil program. i been on the front line fighting for justice tried to sue and fbi on my own this makes me a major target i got the fight.if the same thing happen to you like myron may, i would fight write about you as well i would have your back,if we where on the battle field you would want me in the fox hole with you i got your back will cover you and fight for you.i have exposed  so much thats why the plots been to kill me,or lock me up you folks will burn in hell.i need to be given  a nobel peace prize i got these fools on youtube ( )  other victim got evidence as well the news media running away like war deserter going awol  wont get on the front line fight for us targeted individuals. i be telling the whole truth nothing but the truth.i know this is not popular if this hurts good i be preacher the truth to you shame on you cowarts. i want to thank the people out there with talk shows that took time to help us expose this evil crime happening to targeted individual god bless you,you are angels to this community. the program puts people in it for being whistle blowers, filing law suit, reporting,crime, political and religion beliefs, dating out your race, man or woman  targeted for being gay this is not right,other excuse made up, i dont care if somebody was fucking a monkey , i dont care what you done nobody deserve to be put in this evil program.


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