Former Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen tragically died early Sunday morning in a car accident, but his legacy as a great player — and even even greater person — lives on.

“I’d much rather be known for what I’ve done off the field in impacting other people’s lives than how many touchdowns or how many catches I’ve had,” Lutzenkirchen famously said.

Today, a fan released the above video that really captures that sentiment. written by herman winston well this is a great tribute to one of auburns greatest players.thank you yellow hammer.i always remembered him in the iron bowl touchdown pass from cam newton, he river danced like we never seen before.he done it his way with style.we all looked at him as a friend like we all really knew him personally,but we our the auburn family makes things really great.he was a great blessing to all of us to watch him play made our lives better.the cbs sports crew had problems pronouncing his name lutzenkirchen,but when they got his name right they love to call his name tim brando,of cbs sports said.we loved to hear his name called as fans he was a true football legend. i was very sad he got hurt ended his nfl football career and he left us way to soon i hope a movie and a book will be made about him in his honor.god bless all and prayers for his family. pillip lutzenkirchen, was a true champion inspired and touched our lives. thank you


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