One of the many tactics of CIA NSA operatives is to move into visual range of targeted individual as targeted individual departs or arrives at his/her destination or departure, which is not only done for evidentiary reason but also to harass targeted individual.

The white female with the dreadlocks in the video is one of several informants, provocateurs, patsies the CIA NSA Operatives had in the Hostel Pangea in San Jose Costa Rica monitoring and harassing me. She and others, moved close me as I was departing and this is a typical tactic.

I was attacked repeatedy on the bus trip (06/07/14) with directed energy weapons heading back into Nicaragua from Costa Rica.from Nicaragua,

This is also a common surveillance tactic done for evidentiary reasons.

Here the NSA CIA Perp is demanding my attention by moving close to me and when I keep ignoring her she begins to follow me around in the hotel This tactic has been used on me repeatedly for seven years and is a felony each and every time they do it, because to intimidate and physically attack a witness in a federal lawsuit is a serious crime in USA, but then again the NSA and CIA care nothing for the law. If they did, then they could not function.

Another tactic, is the CIA NSA perps always want to be first on and last off, or at least first on and last off ahead of the targeted individual. This is the case here, as I waited for everyone to exit the bus before departing and then made sure I orchestrated by embarkment and re-departure from Costa Rica by being the last on the bus.

In the video, the perp is waiting for me to leave and that is why she and I are standing near each other because she made sure to get close to me as I was leaving.

Organized ‘Gang’ Stalking and ‘Mobbing’ are tactics designed to destroy the credibility of the targeted individual. These tactics have other purposes, such as optioning as a ‘Trigger’ for “Trauma Based Mind Control’ when accompanied by what is known as ‘Street Theatre’ (Situational Scenarios or Conversational Scenarios.

However, the main objective of ‘Organized Stalking’ is and has always been to destroy the credibility of the targeted individual. This is because it is almost impossible to prove as the CIA & NSA almost never show their face and generally use third parties to achieve this phenomenon. Everything is highly compartmentalized and designed to diffuse responsibility of caught..


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