UPDATES ON THIS CASE NEW INFORMATION APRIL 6,2017 MISS KING NOW CAN SUE KENTUCKY STATE POLICE FOR CORRUPTION VERY SAD FOLKS LADY GOT ONE LEG SHE IS A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL VICTIM.   Metro government to pay $450,000 in whistleblower lawsuit for uncovering a murder suspect in a case as a policeman could have been a targeted individual case made him a target when he cleared a lady charge with murder in prison with 1 leg innocent of charges. THE INNOCENCE PROJECT COME TO HER RESCUE EVERY TARGETED INDIVIDUAL NEEDS TO READ THIS STORY LOOK AT NEWS VIDEO…. I THANK THE VICTIM IS A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL THIS IS GONNA BE THE MOST CORRUPTED POLICE CASES INVOLVING THE KY STATE POLICE YOU EVER WANT TO SEE PUT A LADY IN JAIL FOR SIX YEARS FOR MURDER WITH ONE LEG, SAY SUSAN KING. SHE CARRIED A DEAD MAN 2-3 MILES IN WOODS PUT HIM IN A CREEK BED. TWO LOUISVILLE METRO POLICE OFFICERS ARRESTED A MAN FOR DRUGS AND HE CONFESSED TO THE MURDER OF THE MAN. THE KY STATE POLICE TOLD THEM TO LEAVE THE CASE ALONE THESE 2 OFFICERS TOOK THE CASE TO THE INNOCENCE PROJECT GOT FREEDOM FOR SUSAN KING, THE TWO POLICE OFFICER BECOME TARGETED GOT SUSPENDED AND LOST THEIR JOB TRYING TO HELP THIS VICTIM GET JUSTICE,BOTH OF THESE OFFICERS ARE NOW RICH HAD TO GET A LAWYER TO GET EVERYTHING BACK. I WONDER HOW OFTEN THESE SAME POLICE COVER UPS GO ON AND NOBODY WILL STAND UP VERY SAD I BE A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL EX-POLICE OFFICER BE DEALING WITH POLICE CORRUPTIONSAND SET UPS NOW. https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1 AND https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A Louisville Metro Police officer won a $450,000 settlement this week in a whistleblower case against his own employer: Metro Government. LMPD Officer Barron Morgan says he was demoted for helping a woman who was in prison for a murder she did not commit. “I am somewhat relieved that it’s over,” said Morgan. Despite being soft spoken, the former narcotics detective did speak up when he needed to. “This case is far from over to me because this started with Susan King and the horror that she had to go through.” This week, Morgan won a $450,000 settlement against the city after claiming he was punished in violation of the state whistleblower protection act. “Yes, I felt like I was being retaliated against because I did what I did,” he said. What Morgan did was contact The Innocence Project on behalf of Susan King, who spent six and a half years in prison for a murder she did not commit. “Well, I just think it’s awful what happened to him,” she said. Morgan was in prison for a cold case murder involving an ex-boyfriend whose body was dumped into a nearby river. She says it was physically impossible for her to commit the crime with one leg. “That officer that did this to me — he didn’t want to hear any of that. He wanted to frame me and get this case solved and whether it was right or wrong,” King said about the investigation. Officer Morgan says after getting a confession from another man, he tried to do what was right but it cost him his position as a detective during restructuring. “When I wasn’t selected to stay in narcotics, I felt like that was, the Susan King issue was why I wasn’t selected,” Morgan said. “Despite his proficiency as a narcotics detective, he was not selected for any position within Metro Narcotics and in fact was reassigned to an entry level position in the 8th division on late watch,” said Thomas Clay, Morgan’s attorney. “From narcotics to patrol, when you know that you are performing at a high level, it is a slap in the face,” Morgan said. Morgan’s supervisor with Metro Police was also reassigned and is suing the city. That trial starts on Monday. Meanwhile, Metro Government denies any wrong doing in the Morgan case. Susan King is also planning to file a wrongful conviction lawsuit against Kentucky Sate Police. http://www.wdrb.com/story/25267670/lmpd-officer-awarded-450k-in-suit-against-metro-government         CASE UPDATE MARCH 2017 One-legged woman cleared of slaying can sue Kentucky trooper LOUISVILLE — A woman who was exonerated for a homicide after spending more than six years behind bars can sue the Kentucky State Police detective she says framed her. The U.S Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Monday reinstated a lawsuit alleging malicious prosecution filed by Susan Jean King against Lt. Todd Harwood. SEE LINK https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/03/28/one-legged-woman-can-sue-kentucky-trooper/99718378/            SEE VIDEOS           https://youtu.be/u_ZTakdpAkE      AND    https://youtu.be/Eqte0jJ9PJEking


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