PART-1 chris dorner ,was fired for wrong reasons conspiracy by lapd a group of officers.the incident cause a war on the lapd could have been avioded.i herman winston resigned to work for united nations in kosovo.i was targeted by the mobile police dept. could not get another police job.i went back into the army 2009 found out they sent information out i was fired could not get my security clearance ,because of these folks..the mpd senior officers destroyed my police career.go to my profile see my paper work where i resigned . SEE VIDEO 2 i will say christopher dorner, will have a movie about his story in the future.i got enough stuff happen to me with all this information.i could have my own story and movie made right now, well both stories would be true stories real life events.the mobile police dept. lied and falsified reports saying they fired me 13,years ago look at the news they still doing the same thing today falsifying reports look at the news nothing new this link lieutenant jeff…… from homeland security who told you to follow me last year i got back from kentucky did ole monkey ass tyrone tell you to follow me around with other officers and other fool started following crack head and trash i mention this on the video.i will call this OPERATION MONKEY ASS waisting tax payers money and city resources.i heard folks tell me he was saying stuff when i was at ft.knox,ky.. why he do this shit the man is a IDOIT.they want to say im making this up,but look at paperwork and listen to lawyer on tape very true, yall go head falsify some more paperwork on this video yall very good at not telling the truth. SOMEBODY TOOK MY LAST VIDEO OFF OF THIS REPOST


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