i got out my car walking still being tracked by gps in my teeth.i tracked all the way to front gate inside building.i was picking up the signal with a hand held wand.the folks at the fbi building saw this device transmitting it was like they didnot see it transmitting, but you can see it in the video.i see the tv lawyers on the commercials say the insurance adjuster is not working for you,but for the insurance company thats why you need a lawyer.i will say the fbi is not working for you,but the federal government,just like i was in the army reserves and a federal employee this was the federal government thats why i need a lawyer.the federal government is going with the government to protect themselves whether its right ,or wrong. you can see the fbi building in the background at end of video.i got 9 other videos on this involving the army doing this to me on you tube under my name,or1#-9# us army put a gps tracking device in my teeth whistle blower.i was tracked all the way to new orleans,la on my teeth in a rental car.i was at dentist today sept17,2013, i spotted 1 of there agents in the front lot drove around to the back of office. it was a corrupted day at dentist.i will say jesus christ and i saw what you done very corrupted no better than a crooked cop a federal thief very evil take 1 device out put some in body new .the information from the expert in london,uk provided was true and solid,but cover up in usa. i gave the fbi all info like there helping you get all the facts then cover up incident.read storys on mr. gerald sobbe former fbi agent he had gps in his teeth see who provided them. look at links.http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v194/__show_article/_a000194-000105.htm andhttp://www.sosbeevfbi.com .i had a guy tell me about the fbi started cointelpro was started by the fbi same as gang stalking folks using these techniques today on folks that why the fbi does not acknowledge gang stalking and tracking gps in teeth. see link.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO i was a mobile police officer when i first spotted other officer following me off duty not undercover,or internal affairs a group of fools,spotted in new orleans,la,biloxi,ms,pensacola,panama city beach,fl..i resign to go to kosovo work for united nations refused to give leave of absense to go. and these folks stop me from getting other jobs.i got a lawyer sold me out made a deal with these folks to get my job back. .i said no i feel i need to be paid for the trouble.i threw big chief to lil chief under buses,public safety director. they really started following me organizing folks, because i was trying to sue them lawyer sucked.i file bankruptcy behind this mess i wanted my millions.i had a officer tell me this lawyer done this to other officer bad apple the reason i could not get a police job no where else.i found out 2008 when i went back into army federal investigator ask me why i got fired from mobile p,d. i was not fired i told him the good ole boy system done this to me keeping me down with other facts.i want to know what idiot fired me stand up be and man back stabber you are a cowart ,racist,low life, lying piece of shit, a sorry excuse to be a man you know who you are who else you lied on to hurt their career with the rest of your gang.suck buddies.i had a naacp man in washington d.c. ask me why i was fired in 2002,i thought it was a joke,but they refused to help me.the light come on doing my background security clearance with federal invesigator in louisvlle,ky it stop my army security clearance in 2008, thanks to these in the closet cowarts at mpd..if a person get fired from a law enforcement or government job you automatic lose your secret security clearance.i moved to kentucky this mess followed tracking me put devices on my car causing problems using criminals.crackhead.racist who ever could be evil to help like a network of fools causing problems.i moved back to alabama same mess.i spotted officer last year following me 2012 and they using other fools to track me still criminals all kinds of folks.see my story on liveleak,this all started at the mobile police dept. those same folks in power moved to the sheriff dept.these fools lock me in my car and been going my car causing damage doing wickedness its been 3months talked to a deputy still heard nothing from them.i gave them a drug tip,it appears they provided drug dealers with info from me keep on selling 2012.i got video on incident locked in car.this show you we got folks at all levels involved in gangstalking if it was not for low class would not be no class at all,starting at the very top not talking about poor people they good folks trying to make it in life.im getting ready to start posting names of folks following me dont care who you are officers ,ministers dont matter you hurt my career you will be posted also if this mess dont stop tracking calling around slandering me,let folks see who you are out the closet.


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